Ambu Bags and Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in Delhi, India

Ambu Bags and Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in Delhi, India

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Author: Life Clave

Date Published: 2024-02-12 10:57:49

Guide to Choosing the Best Ambu Bags and Manufacturers in India

Ambu bags, also known as resuscitation bags or manual ventilation units (MVUs) are essential first-line life support devices designed to provide temporary respiratory assistance. Selecting well-designed, reliable ambu bags that complement clinical emergency response workflows is key for healthcare facilities.


In this comprehensive guide, we cover:


Key types of ambu bags used in patient care

LifeClave - India's top ambu bag manufacturer

Important ambu bag selection criteria

Usage and maintenance best practices

Relevant standards


Exploring these facets helps medical administrators invest in the ideal ambu bag models matching healthcare requirements.


Types of Ambu Bags Used in Healthcare

Adult Ambu Bags

Adult resuscitators provide tidal volumes around 1000mL and are primarily used for adult CPR. Different sizes suit body weight. Most common type used.


Pediatric Ambu Bags

Pediatric models deliver lower tidal volume, typically 150-450mL for infants and toddlers up to 5 years, with child-friendly masks.


Neonatal Ambu Bags

Designed to ventilate low birth weight babies and newborns with very small tidal volumes around 50–250mL. Require extra care.


Disposable Ambu Bags

Single use disposable ambu bag units help prevent contamination. More expensive than reusable but vital for respiratory isolation cases.


LifeClave - India's Top Ambu Bag Manufacturer

LifeClave located in New Delhi is one of India's leading medical equipment manufacturers offering CE certified high quality adult, pediatric and neonatal resuscitator bags meeting all emergency ventilation needs.

LifeClave's ambu bag range is engineered using durable autoclavable materials for reliable performance across healthcare settings. Their selection includes reusable and disposable ambu units with ergonomic handling, intuitive adjustable pressure limiting valve designs and oxygen reservoir bags.

Known for reliability across diverse respiratory care applications, LifeClave ambu bags empower clinical teams to deliver effective assisted emergency ventilation.


Key Selection Criteria for Ambu Bags

Safety Certifications

Check for CE marking and ISO 13485 quality systems compliance for product reliability assurance.


Adjustable Pressure Safety Valves

Pressure relief valves prevent delivering excess pressure to patient lungs in emergencies.


Ergonomic Handling

Textured grips ensure convenient handheld operation during intensive CPR.


Tidal Volume Range

Ensure tidal volume capacity matches applications - adult, pediatric or neonatal resuscitation.


Oxygen Reservoir

Models with O2 reservoir bags allow supplemental oxygen delivery.


Single Use Models

Availability of disposable ambu units improves infection control for isolation cases.


After-Sales Support

Warranty, maintenance services support improves uptime.


Evaluating the above facets helps select the models best suited for clinical needs.

Usage Practices and Maintenance

To sustain performance, ensure:



Standards and Certifications

Key Indian and international standards guide ambu bag product design:




Q: How often should ambu bag performance and calibration be checked?

A: Annual testing of tidal volumes and calibration by certified personnel is recommended. Maintain test records.


Q: What safety checks are critical before using ambu bag?

A: Check valve functionality, leakages, worn-out parts and replace if needed. Verify pressure relief valve functioning.


Q: What developments are happening  in ambu bag designs?

A: Features like PEEP valves for managing oxygenation, inbuilt EtCO2 monitoring, multi-material airways to prevent sticking.


Q: What are common cleaning mistakes to avoid for ambu bags?

A: Using incompatible disinfectants that damage metal or valve material. Inadequate drying leading to moisture accumulation inside the unit.


Q: When should single-use disposable ambu bags be used?

A: Disposable units vital for contagious respiratory disease cases to prevent cross contamination through reusable ambu bag use.


We hope this guide helps you invest in ambu bags that strengthen clinical emergency respiratory response. Please reach out for any further assistance.

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