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LED Phototherapy Unit

In the new born periode, birth to one month, jaundice can pose a serious problem, because high level of the bilirubin, which is not water soluble, can be decomposed to a harmless metabolic which is water soluble, does not cross blood brain barrier and is rapidly excreted in the bile and urine and so does not accumulate. This has been achieved by exposing the infant to bright light (approximately 4.5 microwatts/sq cm/nm) in the range of 420-480 mm wave length by use of conventional phototherapy unit has been one of IMS most important focus in the field of neonatalogy for many years. In order to remove the limitation of fluorescent and CFL tubes, IMS has utilised long lasting, durable, more efficient and cost effective LEDs with more than double the flux as against what is radiated from conventional, fluorescent and CFL, for jaundice treatment.

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