Bed Pan Female Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in Delhi, India

Bed Pan Female Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in Delhi, India

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Author: Life Clave

Date Published: 2024-01-03 18:36:36

Introducing Premium Female Bed Pans from Life Clave

Bed pans serve as vital medical care products that provide bedridden patients a hygienic means for passing urine and stool without having to leave the bed. For female patients, a deep contoured bed pan design is used to facilitate comfortable usage and prevent leakage of contents. This article will provide an overview of Life Clave's range of high quality female bed pans suited for healthcare facilities and home medical care.


Ergonomic Designs for Patient Comfort

Life Clave offers female bed pans in durable stainless steel and Polypropylene plastic variants carefully crafted to suit female anatomy. The deep basin suits perineal areas with optimal contours to minimize discomfort and prevent spillage. The wide rim design gives a stable base that prevents tipping of contents.

For mobility impaired and obese patients, Life Clave provides extra large female bed pans engineered with broad surface areas and anti-slip bottoms. The shallow angling prevents wetting of user's thighs and allows ease of access. Padded seat options add further comfort. All products come quality tested for leakage protection and toxicity.


Carefully Chosen Materials for Practical Utility

The stainless steel models allow robust sterilization, resisting corrosion and odors to maintain hygiene. The stainless steel female bed pans come with ergonomic handles for secure handhold while supporting patients shift position. This allows stable transfers without spillage.

For disposable convenience, Life Clave's reusable polypropylene plastic female bed pans offer cost savings compared to one-time use pans. The seamless construction allows easy cleaning and disinfection between uses. The material is crack-resistant and appropriately rigid for patient safety.


Catering to Healthcare Requirements

Life Clave caters extensively to hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare facilities across India looking for reliable source for female bed pans. Their production capacity and inventory allows prompt delivery at wholesale rates without minimum order requirements, while also allowing branding or personalization of bed pans if needed.

The polypropylene variants are ideal for situations requiring disposable bed pans while the stainless steel models suit laundering and sterilization protocols of large hospitals. The wide range caters efficiently to diverse patient groups and care scenarios.

Supporting Home Healthcare Needs

For families caring for immobilized patients at home, Life Clave's female bed pans offer practical utility and safe usage. The training resources and guidance provided aids home caregivers adopt proper usage and cleaning techniques. Affordable pricing makes these an accessible product for at-home medical care.

As a conscientious manufacturer, Life Clave aims to support both institutional and home care needs through high quality, thoroughly tested products designed for practical convenience and patient comfort.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Life Clave's female bed pans reusable or single-use?

A. Life Clave offers both reusable stainless steel models as well as disposable polypropylene variants depending on patient needs and care protocols.


Q. What materials are the female bed pans made of?

A. The stainless steel and polypropylene models provide a balance of durability, rigidity, chemical resistance and ease of cleaning.


Q. Does Life Clave customize bed pans for specific patient requirements?

A. Yes, customization like padding, sizing, branding etc. can be done on bulk orders to meet special patient needs.


Q. Are the bed pans suitable for bariatric and mobility impaired patients?

A. Yes, Life Clave offers oversize models designed suitably for obese or severely handicapped patients with additional surface area and handles.


Q. Where all does Life Clave supply its female bed pans in India?

A. Pan-India supply network allows serving healthcare facilities across metro cities, smaller towns and rural areas.

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