Best Fogger Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in Delhi, India

Best Fogger Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in Delhi, India

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Author: Life Clave

Date Published: 2023-11-15 09:53:57

LifeClave - India's Foremost Fogger Manufacturer and Supplier

Foggers and misting systems serve as efficient sanitization solutions for rapid surface disinfection across large and small facilities. As demand rises for advanced foggers, LifeClave has established itself as India's most reputed manufacturer, exporter and supplier through cutting-edge products tailored for unique needs.


Leading Manufacturer of Industrial Foggers

As one of India's largest fogger manufacturers, LifeClave uses state-of-the-art infrastructure to produce a vast range of thermal and ULV cold foggers for sanitization requirements across sectors.

LifeClave's experienced R&D engineers employ advanced fluid dynamics and thermodynamic principles to design optimized delivery systems. Robust stainless steel fabrication, calibrated nozzles, high-precision dosing pumps and ergonomic chassis provide durability.

Automated programmable controls allow adjustable disinfectant concentration, flow rate and spray mechanics. Safety features like automatic shut off and thermal overload protection are built-in. Portable and fixed fogger models with varied coverage capacities cater to unique space requirements.


Rigorous Testing for Effectiveness

LifeClave's in-house labs comprehensively test fogging equipment on parameters like:


Trusted Fogger Supplier Across India


With a wide national warehouse and distribution network, LifeClave reliably supplies foggers to clients across metros and Tier 2,3 cities including hospitals, hotels, offices, religious sites, and municipalities.

Prompt delivery even for urgent orders is enabled through buffer inventory and strong logistics. As the authorized distributor for their manufactured range, LifeClave provides competitive pricing and availability across their catalogue. Technical guidance on product selection is also offered.


Global Fogger Exporter

As a reputed fogger exporter, LifeClave caters extensively to international clients across sectors like healthcare, hospitality, pharma and food processing by shipping tailor-made equipment worldwide. Their exports division handles fogger manufacturing aligned with international voltage, design and compliance standards.

With decades of experience, LifeClave meets international demand for reliable and quality foggers suited for diverse settings and sanitization needs.


Driven by Customer-Centric Innovation

As pioneers committed to advancing fogging technology, LifeClave continually innovates to create the most effective and optimized solutions. Their customer-focused approach across manufacturing, supplies and service has made LifeClave the partner of choice when efficiency and quality matter.

For made-in-India foggers, LifeClave's excellence and reliability makes them unmatched.

High Quality

Quick Dispatch

Industry Norms

Reliable Supplying