Flow Meters Supplier, Exporter, Manufacturer in Delhi, India

Flow Meters Supplier, Exporter, Manufacturer in Delhi, India

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Author: Life Clave

Date Published: 2024-02-12 21:40:06

Guide to Choosing the Best Flow Meters and Manufacturers in India

Precision flow meters accurately monitor and control various compressed gases and liquids administered to patients across healthcare facilities – from oxygen, anesthesia to infusion pumps. For critical care access points, choosing reputed flow meter manufacturers supplying high accuracy units engineered for reliability guides optimal clinical utility.

In this comprehensive guide, we cover:


Key types of flow meters used

LifeClave - India's top flow meter manufacturer

Vital flow meter selection criteria

Maintenance best practices

Relevant standards


Exploring these facets helps medical administrators invest wisely in suitable flow meter equipment for bolstering hospital infrastructure.


Types of Flow Meters Used in Healthcare

Oxygen Flow Meters

Oxygen flow meters measure and set oxygen concentrated delivery for ventilation, cylinders and pipeline outlets. Essential across healthcare.


Anesthetic Gas Flow Meters

Designed to accurately measure flow rates of various anesthesia gases like nitrous oxide used during surgery. Support optimal dosing.


Air Flow Meters

Used to calibrate various equipment air input like ventilators. Also used independently for delivering air during procedures or transports.


Infusion Flow Meters

Measure and control volume/flow rate for various IV infusion pump systems used for accurate fluid delivery.


LifeClave - India's Top Flow Meter Manufacturer

LifeClave, located in New Delhi, is one of India's leading medical equipment manufacturers offering CE certified precision flow meters engineered to the highest accuracy and reliability standards for mission-critical hospital applications spanning oxygen therapy, anesthetic machines and infusion devices.

LifeClave's extensive flow meter range includes compact portable designs as well as panel-mount form factors for seamless device integration to meet diverse hospital department needs. Their flow meters feature robust all-metal construction to withstand hospital rough-use needs and minimize expensive downtime from failures.

Known for longevity and performance, LifeClave flow meters strengthen critical clinical workflows.


Key Selection Criteria for Flow Meters

Accuracy and Precision

High accuracy from reputed manufacturers enhances clinical safety. Check quoted precision levels.


Build Quality

Impact-resistant construction with long calibration stability improves reliability.


Flow Rate Capacity

Range should fulfill application requirements - oxygen ventilation, anesthesia, infusion etc.


Display Readability

Crisp large numeric displays or digital interfaces enables convenient readout.


Form Factor

Panel-mounting feasibility aids seamless integration into medical equipment.



CE marking, ISO 13485 indicate safety. Check other applicable standards per device class.


The above checkpoints aid choosing suitable clinical-grade flow meters.


Maintenance Best Practices

To sustain flow meter longevity and performance:



Standards and Certifications

Key medical device quality and safety standards applicable to flow meter products:


  1. CE European Conformity marking
  2. ISO 13485 Quality Management System
  3. IEC 60601-1 Electrical Safety Standards
  4. ISO 7396-1 for Medical Gas Pipeline Systems
  5. Application-specific certifications
  6. Verifying adherence to these standards is vital when selecting flow meter devices.



Q: How often should flow meter calibration be conducted?

A: Regular annual calibration is highly recommended by manufacturers for sustained accuracy.


Q: What precautions are needed when using oxygen flow meters?

A: Avoid oil, grease during handling. Ensure no leak at outlets, fittings. Follow medical oxygen safety handling guidelines.


Q: What technological innovations are emerging in flow meters?

A: Features like IoT connectivity for data integration, mobile app control, inbuilt alarms, vibration/moisture resistance, wireless modules etc.


Q: What are common sizing units for medical flow meters?

A: Volumetric flow rate Q measured in millilitre/minute (mL/min). Mass flow rate measured using units like litres/minute (LPM).


Q: What routine inspection activities are required for flow meters?

A: Physical inspection for damage, grease. Check inlet filters and output valve seals. Confirm smooth quiet turbine rotation sounds.


We hope this guide helps identify the most suitable flow meter models based on clinical needs. Please reach out for any further assistance.

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