Height Scale Exporter, Supplier, Manufacturer in Delhi, India

Height Scale Exporter, Supplier, Manufacturer in Delhi, India

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Author: Life Clave

Date Published: 2024-02-07 19:44:24

Height Scale Manufacturers in India - A Guide to Selecting the Right Measurement Scale

Height scales are indispensable medical devices used for measuring and tracking the height of patients in clinics, hospitals, and home settings. Choosing an accurate, reliable and easy to use height scale optimizes clinical workflows and ensures proper patient growth monitoring.

India has a well-developed medical equipment manufacturing industry catering to height scales for all needs. In this guide, we will cover the types of height scales, leading manufacturers in India, and the key factors to consider when selecting the ideal height measurement scale for your healthcare facility.

Types of Height Scales Used in Healthcare

Height scales are available in various configurations and mounting options:

  1. Column Scales: Floor mounted with height ruler bar. Offers stable free-standing use and easy portability.
  2. Wall Mounted: Compact profile that mounts directly onto walls. Tilt-up indicator allows easy reading.
  3. Digital Scales: Electronic height sensors provide digital height readout. Some models feature printers.
  4. Infant Scales: Specialized horizontal baby length measuring platform with digital display. Ensures safety.
  5. Wheelchair Scales: Customized digital platform scales allow convenient wheelchair access for disabled patients.

Top Height Scale Manufacturers in India

Some of the leading medical height scale manufacturers and suppliers in the Indian market include:


LifeClave: New Delhi based LifeClave offers an extensive range of height scales for clinical and home use with accurate sensor technology and durable build. Medical provides a variety of manual and digital height measurement scales for hospitals and clinics. height scales including wall mount, portable and wheelchair accessible models. They provide pan-India availability.

Biotek: Based in Ambala, Biotek offers height measurement tools like infantometer baby scales along with multi-function digital weight scales. wall mount mechanical height scales made of anodized aluminum with compact foldable profile upon installation. digital height measurement scales with options like printing, data storage, and wheelchair accessibility. height scales for hospitals and home segments, including infant and adult models with durable build quality.

These companies provide height scales engineered for accuracy, reliability and ergonomic use. Their products cater to varied clinical requirements.


Choosing the Ideal Height Scale - Buyer's Guide

Key factors to consider when selecting a height scale:


Choosing height scales that reliably capture patient growth parameters through different life stages optimizes clinical workflows. This provides valuable medical data for diagnosis and treatment.



Q: How often should height scale calibration be conducted?

A: Height scale calibration every 12 months and after relocation/transport is recommended to maintain measurement accuracy.


Q: What are common standard certifications for height scales?

A: Quality standards include ISO 13485 for medical devices and ISO 9001 quality management certification.


Q: What safety precautions are important for infant height scales?

A: Infant scales should have safety straps, rounded edges, smooth surfaces, and length indicatiors to ensure proper baby posture and prevent injury.


Q: What are some advanced features available in height scales?

A: Advanced features include WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity to transmit data to EMRs, memory storage, voice assistance for the visually impaired, and antimicrobial coatings.


Q: How are height scales cleaned and disinfected?

A: Surface cleaning using hospital-grade disinfectants. Digital displays and interfaces may need specialized cleaning to avoid damage.



Height scales are vital for monitoring patient growth. Indian manufacturers offer a wide range of durable, accurate, and safe height measurement scales suitable for all healthcare settings. Considering key parameters like measurement range, construction, certifications, and after-sales support while selecting the ideal height scale for your needs is advised. Investing in high-quality height scales that integrate smoothly into clinical workflows pays dividends in the long term.


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