IV Stand Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in Delhi, India

IV Stand Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier in Delhi, India

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Author: Life Clave

Date Published: 2024-02-08 22:01:44

IV Stand Manufacturers in India - A Guide to Choosing the Right IV Pole

IV (Intravenous) stands and accessories are ubiquitous in hospitals, clinics and homecare settings for administering intravenous infusions, drugs and fluids. selecting high-quality, patient-safe IV stands ensures reliable delivery.

India has a well-developed medical devices industry catering to IV stands engineered for longevity and safety. In this guide, we cover the common types of IV stands, leading Indian manufacturers, and the key factors to consider when choosing the ideal IV stand and accessories for your specific needs.


Types of IV Stands Used in Healthcare

IV stands are available in various configurations:

Top IV Stand Manufacturers in India

Some of the leading IV stand suppliers and manufacturers in India include:


LifeClave: New Delhi based LifeClave offers a wide range of mobile and stationary IV stands engineered for longevity and safety. Their stands are made of stainless steel. manufactures IV stands including 5-hook models and those with pump mounts. They are ISO certified.

Surgical provides IV stands like mobile, foldable and wall-mounted options in stainless steel and aluminum material.  supplies IV infusion stands for hospital and home use with height adjustability for ergonomics. IV stands from Span include robust models like 5 leg mobile stands and wall brackets ideal for ICU settings. offers IV stands engineered for stability and strength. Their range includes stationary and pole-clamp mounts.

These manufacturers offer IV stands catering to diverse healthcare settings while meeting quality and safety standards.


Choosing the Right IV Stand - Buyer’s Guide

Key factors to evaluate when selecting an IV stand:


  1. Consider mobile or stationary stands based on patient room layout and clinical needs.
  2. Look for sturdy bases and frames fabricated from stainless steel or anodized aluminum. This ensures longevity and stability.
  3. Height adjustability is must for positioning the IV solution at optimal level.
  4. Prefer stands with 4 or more hooks to allow hanging multiple infusions. 5 hooks is ideal.
  5. For mobile models, larger base size, wheel locks, and swivelling wheels aid maneuverability.
  6. Wall-mounted brackets offer space savings but limit positioning flexibility.
  7. Telescoping types attach securely to beds for patient transport applications.
  8. Review compatibility with existing IV pumps when choosing pump mount stands.
  9. Compare pricing of shortlisted manufacturers while evaluating the above aspects.

Choosing IV stands providing flexible and reliable intravenous infusion delivery improves workflows while enhancing patient safety.



Q: How often should IV stands be inspected and serviced?

A: Monthly inspection of joints, wheels, and parts for defects. Yearly comprehensive servicing to check stability and function.


Q: How to clean and disinfect IV stands?

A: Follow manufacturer’s instructions using recommended hospital-grade disinfectants. Avoid harsh chemicals that can corrode metal.


Q: What are common certifications and standards for IV stands?

A: Quality System certification ISO 13485. Product safety standards IEC 60601-1. Stability testing according to IEC 60601-2-52.


Q: What safety practices are recommended for IV stands?

A: Engaging wheel locks when stationary, lowering stands before transport, avoiding overloading hooks, inspecting joints and wheels periodically.


Q: What are some recent innovations in IV stands?

A: Touchscreen height adjustment, inbuilt pumps, USB charging ports, automated pole clamping, and integration with nurse call systems.



IV infusion stands are indispensable medical accessories across healthcare settings. Indian manufacturers offer durable and innovative IV stands engineered for longevity and patient safety. Considering aspects like adjustability, construction material, certifications, and after-sales support while selecting the ideal IV stand optimizes clinical utility and value. Investing in high-quality IV stands enhances infusion workflow efficiency.

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