Life Clave - Providing Top Quality Male Urinals Exporter in Delhi India

Life Clave - Providing Top Quality Male Urinals Exporter in Delhi India

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Author: Life Clave

Date Published: 2024-01-03 18:38:45

Male Urinals by Life Clave - Features and Benefits

Urinals serve an important sanitary purpose across healthcare facilities and public spaces by allowing convenient and hygienic urine passage for men. Life Clave is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality male urinals tailored for diverse settings and needs.


explore Life Clave’s range of expertly crafted male urinals and how they cater to varied requirements:


Ergonomic Designs Perfect for Practical Utility


Life Clave’s male urinals are thoughtfully designed keeping user comfort in mind. The angled mouth piece in urine receivers allows men to use these in both sitting and standing urination postures without spillage or mess.


The integrated privacy shields in wall-mounted urinals prevent exposure while giving users adequate leg room. The interior contours minimize backsplash during use for better hygiene. Anti-slip rubber bottoms in portable models enhance stability.

Robust Materials for Intensive Use 


Life Clave manufactures urinals from Vitreous China, stainless steel and Polypropylene for strength, easy cleaning and long working life across frequent usage. These materials resist corrosion, chipping and absorption of odors or bacteria.


Glazed vitreous china urinals come with chemical resistant enamel coatings in white or pastel shades. The stainless steel models are rust-proof and neutral to disinfectants. Portable polypropylene variants balance durability and light weight.


Catering to Public Health Needs 


Life Clave supplies quality tested, high functioning male urinals to government sanitation departments for equipping public toilets, parks, transit systems and community spaces. Volume orders are fulfilled promptly to aid swift installation and replacement of public urinals.


Their range also includes accessible models meeting ADA compliance for wheelchair users, along with specialized designs like trough urinals and waterless ultra-low flush urinals suited for water conservation.


Supporting Healthcare Urinal Requirements


Hospitals, clinics and medical centers rely on Life Clave for robust stainless steel male urinals that can handle repeat sterilization and heavy usage. Portable variants help serve immobilized patients. Urinal disinfectants and wall-mounted disposal bags can also be sourced.


Life Clave’s bedside urinals and flat bottom hospital bottles cater conveniently to bedridden male patients. Volume orders from healthcare facilities are fulfilled swiftly at wholesale rates.


Equipping Commercial Spaces


Life Clave caters to male urinal needs in airports, malls, offices, restaurants, public transit and other commercial spaces. Their wall-hung and stall urinals engineered for heavy foot traffic allow quick retrofits and replacements. Range includes waterless and sensor-operated options.


The company also provides installation support, customized branding and after-sales maintenance services. Reliable supplies and customer service make Life Clave a trusted urinal source for facilities managers and owners.


Committed to Meet Rigorous Quality Standards


As a conscientious manufacturer, Life Clave adheres to stringent industry standards and norms for urinal quality. Their products undergo thorough in-house testing and external third-party lab validation prior to sales. This ensures exported supplies consistently meet international quality regulations.


With a robust pan-India distribution network and efficient production pipelines, Life Clave strives to fulfill essential public health and sanitation needs through high grade, rigorously tested male urinals. Their expanding global footprint also makes Life Clave a reputed urinal supplier worldwide.


Why Choose Life Clave for Your Male Urinal Requirements?


Wide range of wall-mounted, portable and specialized models

Materials like vitreous china, stainless steel and polypropylene

Options for healthcare, public spaces and commercial facilities

Custom branding and specification support

Stringent leak and overflow testing pre-sale

WHO, CE, ISO certified products

Swift order fulfillment and delivery across India

Onsite installation assistance provided

As leading manufacturers and suppliers of male urinals across various sectors, Life Clave is the trusted partner delivering efficient solutions and reliability to clients in India and worldwide.


Here are some sample FAQs and answers related to Life Clave's male urinals:




Q: What materials does Life Clave offer for manufacturing male urinals?


A: Life Clave utilizes Vitreous China, Stainless Steel, and Polypropylene to craft robust, easy to clean male urinals.


Q: Does Life Clave provide custom branding on urinals?


A: Yes, custom logos and branding can be incorporated on male urinals for commercial clients and facilities as needed.


Q: What are some key sectors Life Clave supplies male urinals to?


A: Key sectors supplied include public health, healthcare, infrastructure, hospitality, commercial facilities etc.


Q: Can Life Clave provide specialized urinal designs?


A: Yes, Life Clave can manufacture specialized urinals as per requirements like waterless, ultra low-flush, sensor-operated, accessible etc.


Q: Does Life Clave offer installation and maintenance services?


A: Along with supplies, Life Clave provides urinal installation services, after-sales support, and maintenance assistance to clients.


Q: What certifications have Life Clave’s products obtained?


A: Life Clave male urinals are WHO, CE, ISO certified and satisfy stringent quality parameters.


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