Best Vacuum Extractor, Supplier & Manufacturers in Delhi, India

Best Vacuum Extractor, Supplier & Manufacturers in Delhi, India

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Author: Life Clave

Date Published: 2024-02-09 20:50:13

Guide to Selecting the Best Vacuum Extractors and Manufacturers in India

Vacuum extractor devices provide controlled and safe traction assistance during complicated childbirth cases. For healthcare facilities planning to invest in vacuum extraction equipment, choosing reputed manufacturers who meet the highest safety and performance standards is vital.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover:

  1. Key types of vacuum extractors used in obstetric procedures
  2. LifeClave - India's top company for vacuum extractors
  3. Essential selection criteria for vacuum extractors
  4. Relevant standards and certifications
  5. Routine care and maintenance

Exploring these facets equips medical administrators with complete information for selecting the ideal vacuum extractor systems for their birthing room infrastructure needs.

Types of Vacuum Extractors Used

Manual Vacuum Extractors

Integrated vs Separable Vacuum Pumps

Integrated vacuum extractors have the suction pump inbuilt while separable models use external suction units. Usage frequency, portability needs, etc. impact this choice.


LifeClave - India's Top Company for Vacuum Extractors

LifeClave based in New Delhi is one of India's leading medical equipment manufacturers offering European CE certified vacuum extraction ranges for assisted vaginal deliveries. Their electric and manual vacuum extractors provide controlled traction as needed for safe childbirth.

LifeClave vacuum extractors feature ergonomic pistol grips, autoclavable components, adjustable vacuum levels with preset limits, and seamless integration with single-use vacuum cups. The electric models include monitoring displays showing real-time pressure value during procedure.

With a focus on performance, safety and reliability, LifeClave vacuum extractors enable obstetricians to better manage difficult childbirth cases for optimal birthing outcomes.


Key Selection Criteria for Vacuum Extractors

  1. Safety Certifications
  2. Check for CE marking, ISO 13485 certification of quality systems to ensure product reliability.
  3. Ease of Operation
  4. Ergonomic handling, intuitive controls and compact footprint maximizes usability.
  5. Vacuum Level Adjustability
  6. Models allowing vacuum pressure adjustment with safety limits enable better control over traction.
  7. Cup Sizes Availability
  8. Range of reusable and single-use vacuum cup sizes ensures proper fit to fetal head diameter.
  9. Suction Monitoring
  10. Monitoring display units indicating real-time applied suction pressure level improves safety.
  11. After-sales Support
  12. Warranty, AMC services support faster issue resolution and maximize uptime.
  13. Evaluating the above facets helps pick vacuum devices matching clinical needs.


Applicable Standards and Certifications

Key Indian and international quality and safety standards guide vacuum extractor design:


Care and Maintenance



Q: How often should performance testing be done for vacuum extractors?

A: Testing extraction force accuracy and other functionality every 2 years is ideal. Maintain logs.


Q: What safety precautions are vital during vacuum extractions?

A: Continuously monitor pressure levels, use lowest effective vacuum, stop at preset safety limits, monitor fetal heart sounds.


Q: What are some latest advances in vacuum extractors?

A: Features like wireless connectivity to patient monitoring systems, inbuilt audiovisual traction guidance further aid safety.


Q: What are manometer lines connected in electric extractors?

A: Manometer lines allow monitoring extraction pressure. They should be changed if readings fluctuate indicative of line defects.


Q: How to clean vacuum cup parts?

A: Follow manufacturer instructions for cleaning. Use neutral pH detergents. Avoid abrasive chemicals that may damage surface.

We hope this guide helps you select the ideal vacuum extractor equipment from trusted manufacturers for safe assisted birthing needs. Please reach out for any further assistance.

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