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Autoclave Cooker Type 9x11 Stainless Steel With Bucket

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Dental Autoclave Cooker Type 9x11 Stainless Steel With Bucket from Lifeclave.Buy a Dental Autoclave Stainless Steel Bucket by lifeclave.

  • Used for Sterilization of Surgical Instruments and Dressings.
  • Seamless Construction (Joint less) from Extra Thick Aluminum Sheet/S.S.
  • Sheet for better safety and durability. Good quality synthetic rubber Gasket for Longer and better performance and Hygiene.
  • Weight Type Safety Valve and Pressure Regulating Device for better safety and functioning.
  • Coloured coded Pressure gauge (0-30 ibs/in2) to indicate the safe, sterilization and danger zones.
  • Highly strong and durable vacuum and steam release valves.
  • Handles and valve knobs made of very durable, heat resistant and fine quality Bakelite.
  • Heating element made of heavy copper pipe for longer life. .
  • Well designed, powder coated outer stand to provide better stability and attractive looks. 
  • Well Packed in Individual boxes. 

SIZES (In Inches) DX H Capacity in Liters Deluxe
9 X 12 12 SVCSD 201
9 X 16 16 SVCSD 202
12 X 14 25 SVCSD 203
12 X 17 31 SVCSD 204
12 X 22 40 SVCSD 205
14 X 15 37 SVCSD 206
14 X 19 47 SVCSD 207

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