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Open Care System (MODEL: IMS OCS 202 DLX 1)

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IMS range of IMS IRW 202-DLX 1 open care system that comes in fiber and power coated M.S., allow you to efficiently and provide advance warming capabilities while using one touch operations to simplify procedures. Advance microprocessor controlled system with self check on the electronic circuitry skin/air/manual control. Latest technology packed with higher accuracy & enhanced visibility has been integrated in the system.

Control Panel
The IMS IRW 202-DLX 1 open care system comes with automatic manual and baby (Servo) modes.
In addition, the Skin / Air temperature display is larger than other set temperature display. Skin temperature display can be converted from CTO F BY the push of a button. A big LCD is provided for more information and visualizations of the heater power in manual and servo modes. A full panel of alarms provides safety and convenience, With both audible and visual indicators in the event of:

 High Temp / Low    Power Failure    • System Fail

 Timer - On   • Probe Failure    Heater Fail / On

 (Optional) only visual alarm provided

Heater Assembly
The heater assembly located above the centre of the support structure consists of an integral examination light and a 650 watts heating system (silica/quartz/Ceramic Heater) for quick warming and even distribution of heat on the baby bed. The heater can be Swivelled in either direction for taking x-ray and doing procedures. The heater is also equipped with LED phototherapy on both side to provide light intensity effective on the baby bed.

Air Mode (Optional)
The system comes with air sensor. This is added security cover with exclusive feature of switching OFF the heater in case the AIR temperature goes above 39c imrespective of what the skin temperature is at the time of event

Technical Specification
Height: 1850mm
Length: 1050 mm 
Width: 650mm

Electrical Specification
Power supply: 200V/50Hz
Heater Power: 650 watts
Fuse: AMP

Additional Features
If needed the unit can be programmed by the user itself for any of the following features:
(A) Count up/down Timer
(B) Check baby Alarm (OPTIONAL)
(C) Pre warming mode

Manual Mode
The system automatically starts heating from 40% in manual mode and the same can be changed through setting up to 100% The system automatically converts from servo mode to manual mode in case of probe failure thus providing nonstop working of the unit.

Baby Bed
The spacious baby bed incorporates easy drop down / fold down glasses for maximum access to the patient Optional: X-ray facility is provided below the baby bed for taking X-RAY of the baby without disturbing.

LED Phototherapy
IMS IRW 202-DLX 1 comes with choice of highly efficient and bright 12/15 choice of LEDs on each side of the heater. The strong lux of 24/30 LEDs cure jaundice in baby rapidly.

Technical Specification

Light Source
High Bright Blue/White LED

Resuscitator, Suction, Oxygen

High Quality

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