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Suction Apparatus trolley model cabinet is available in % (0.25) Hp and 1/2 (0.5)Hp. It is fixed with long pressure tubing, vacuum control automatic over flow cut-off device mounted on good quality two rubber wheel & stainless steel top

Product available in % (0.25) Hp, fitted with two graduated 1.6 ltrs. Glass jars with airtight synthetic rubber lid. Product available in 14(0.5)Hp. It is fitted with two graduated 2 ltrs. Poly carbonate jar/glass jar with air tight synthetic rubber lid. Product available in mild steel epoxy coated body or complete stainless steel body.

Technical Specification
 Mild Steel Cabinet Duly Epoxy Powder Coated.
• Stainless Steel Top. Carry Handle M.S.
• Suction Motor 25 H.P. (1/4 H.P.)
 Oil Immersed Vacuum Pump.
• Vacuum Control Regulator.
 62mm Dia. Vacuum Gauge
 Vacuum Range 0 to -700mm/hg.
• 2 X 1750 MI Graduated Glass Jars.
• Over Flow Cut Off Device.
 Bacterial Filter.
• Patient Tubing with Adopter.
Optional: 2 X 2000ml Graduated Polycarbonate Jars.

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