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Suction Apparatus trolley model cabinet is available in % (0.25) Hp and 1/2 (0.5)H. It is fixed with long pressure tubing, vacuum control automatic over flow cut-off device mounted on good quality two rubber wheel & stainless steel top.

Product available in % (0.25) Hp, fitted with two graduated 1.6 ltrs. Glass jars with airtight synthetic rubber lid. Product available in 14(0.5) Hp. It is fitted with two graduated 2 Itrs. Poly carbonate jar/glass jar with air tight synthetic rubber lid. Product available in mild steel epoxy coated body or complete stainless steel body

Technical Specification
 Mild Steel Cabinet Duly Epoxy Powder Coated
 Stainless Steel Top. Carry Handle M.S.
• Suction Motor 5 H.P. (1/2 H.P.)
 Oil Immersed Vacuum Pump.
• Vacuum Control Regulator.
 100 Mm Dia. Vacuum Gauge
• Vacuum Range 0 to - 700mm/hg.
 2x2000 MI Graduated Polycarbonate Suction Jars.
• Over Flow Cut Off Device.
 Bacterial Filter.
 Patient Tubing With Adopter.
 Mounted on 75mm Dia Castors (4 Nos)

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